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Category: Bessa Ramos



Area of Activity

Category: Bessa Ramos

BESSA RAMOS ADVOGADOS ASSOCIADOS works in all areas of Criminal Law, Civil, Electoral and Labor:

Among them:
- Penal: Crimes against the Financial System; Crimes against the Tax and Economic Order; Corporate Crimes; Money Laundering Crimes; Bid’s Crimes; Environmental Crimes; Bankruptcy Crimes.; Crimes against the Public Administration; Crimes against Public Faith; Crimes against the Law of Toxic Substances, Crimes against the Traffic Code; Crimes of Unfair Competition; Crimes against Consumers; Crimes against Life; Crimes against the Honor.
- Civil: elaboration of commercial contracts; societary planning; patrimonial shield; judicial contentious; divorce; inventory; consumer's rights.
- Administrative: Assistance to City Halls and House of Councillors.
- Laborite: Judicial Contentious.
- Electoral: Legal advice to politicians and candidate for political office; electoral crimes.
- Environmental: judicial and administrative litigation. 



Category: Bessa Ramos

BESSA RAMOS ADVOGADOS ASSOCIADOS works in certain areas of law, which are: Penal, Civil, Labor, Administrative e Electoral.

Founded in 2008, the legal office maintains professional competence governed by strict ethical commitment.

With talent and dedication, BESSA RAMOS ADVOGADOS ASSOCIADOS is distinguished by criterious provision of legal consultant services and litigation. The successful defenses, that accumulates in the office’s curriculum, are result of the strong performance of a team legally able and constantly updated.

The office has a structure able to monitor the progress of Police Inquest and Criminal Process at the Police Station, State Courts, Federal Justice and the Higher Courts, as Civil Process, Administrative, environmental, Labor and Electoral next to the Competent Organs.

Located in Avenida Professor Magalhães Neto, one of the most importants Business Centres of Salvador, the office also has the support of qualified correspondent and your action covers the entire national territory.


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Our Office

Avenida Professor Magalhães Neto, 1550, Ed. Premier Tower Empresarial, 3º Andar - Sala 306, Pituba, Salvador – BA
CEP: 41.810-011. Telelefone  (+55) 71 3034-1339 / 9321-3000 - Fax  (+55) 71 3034-1339.