Area of Activity

Category: Bessa Ramos

BESSA RAMOS ADVOGADOS ASSOCIADOS works in all areas of Criminal Law, Civil, Electoral and Labor:

Among them:
- Penal: Crimes against the Financial System; Crimes against the Tax and Economic Order; Corporate Crimes; Money Laundering Crimes; Bid’s Crimes; Environmental Crimes; Bankruptcy Crimes.; Crimes against the Public Administration; Crimes against Public Faith; Crimes against the Law of Toxic Substances, Crimes against the Traffic Code; Crimes of Unfair Competition; Crimes against Consumers; Crimes against Life; Crimes against the Honor.
- Civil: elaboration of commercial contracts; societary planning; patrimonial shield; judicial contentious; divorce; inventory; consumer's rights.
- Administrative: Assistance to City Halls and House of Councillors.
- Laborite: Judicial Contentious.
- Electoral: Legal advice to politicians and candidate for political office; electoral crimes.
- Environmental: judicial and administrative litigation.